Friday, October 9, 2009

Compilation of AC contest Halloween Haiku $25

Check out the competition!! Provided courtesy of Ranee Wright

Wicked Haiku by Catherine Spencer

Day of the Dead by Cathy Montville

Haiku Contest Pumpkins by Abby Greenhill

Full Belly on Hallween by Jolene Munoz

Black Cat Moondance: A Halloween Haiku by Lyn McCallister

Grimace by Heidi Bitsoli

Arachnophobia on Halloween by Ben Wood

All Hallows' Eve by Linda StCyr

All Hallows Eve Night by Lucky Diaz

Bewitching Halloween Haiku by Lori Shirley

Halloween Shuffle by Roz Zurko

Halloweeen Nights by M.G. Hardiman

Who-Who?" Halloween Haiku by Khara House

Scary Halloween Haiku by me (Ranee Wright)

Druids' Grove by Vanessa Stewart

Trick or Treat by Julie Darleen

Halloween by Beth Inman

Devil's Warning by Jessie Grett

Stay inside by Lori Adams Hunter

Halloween by Cathy Chambers

Death's Kiss by Edwin Blake

Haunts From Beyond by Jennifer Amlie

On Halloween Night by Steven Lyons

Halloween Haiku by Kristen Pavka

Halloween Candy by Anna Morgan

Halloween and Fashion by Lyn Lomasi

Halloween Haiku - Skelito Bumpas by Karen Barnes

Witch's Dance by Jolynne Hudnell

Candy Corn Smiles by Marie Anne St Jean

Halloween is Here by Stacy Hensley

Blood-Orange Full Moon by Pam Gaulin

Too Many Scary Movies by Victoria Rowden


Jack by Brian Haughey

Oidhche Shamhna by Loki Morgan

Halloween Costume Haiku by Tim Searles

Halloween Night A Haiku Contest Entry by Kay Whittenhauer

Halloween Haiku by Crystal Akers

Halloween Haiku by blbaird725

All Hallow's Eve Awakening by Laurie Meekis

Horrifying Halloween Haiku by Karen Curley

Frighful Halloween Haiku by Daisy May

Witches Dance by Moniece Robinson

Handing Out Candy by ADSpencer

Halloween Haiku Masquerade by Sylvia Branch

Trick Me by Lome Puttasath

Hope I didn't miss anyone!! Enjoyed reading all of your haiku!!!